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Latest Message: 2 months, 1 week ago
  • DJ Dan : Happy Friday Family !!!
  • pokit2010 : THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!
  • pokit2010 : I think ive found my new favorite station, esp Sun. from 12-2. Being from the ss of Chicago, i miss the old steppin jams
  • dancingdian : Do you mean Pat Evan, not Pat Clay.
  • BLove : Im in
  • herrodjac : Sounding real good Mr. Nevels.....Can I hear a lil "I once had your love and I can't let go" The Isley Brothers
  • Laidbackbro : Shot out to you Bro Nevels for playing the jams!
  • keeba12000 : Happy Sunday To Mr Dj Lavell C. Much love from The WestSide-SouthSide Connections from Dj Ken & His lovely Hostess Mz Tammie God Bless You keep Playin those hits Let's Go To Work Stepprs
  • Drk35 : Hey wzon family
  • DJ Dan : Good Afternoon,,, WzonRadio Family log in make a post for a chance to win FREE tickets to the the WzonRadio Skate Jam !!!
  • Kathy Tabu : Happy Sunday DJ Lavell C. Your Chi-town sister joining the WZON ride from Washington DC. Thanks for the great music. Nice and jazzy for a Sunday afternoon. Bless you Brother.
  • Laidbackbro : Ambassador Nevels you are playing the jams (as usual)!
  • Rose Quietst : Thanks DJ Dan!!
  • Rose Quietst : I am requesting All that you need by Glenn Jones. Please and Thank you!!:)
  • DJ Dan : HEy Stormy Monday !!!
  • Rhonda B : Let it be me...the Sylvers. Please & thanks
  • Stormy Monda : Shades by Will Downing
  • Stormy Monda : Hello DJ Dan
  • Ambassador : GREAT afternoon Zone family .... the weekend is coming up & we going to St.Louis for Stepaganza so meet me in St.Louis .... Have a great day zonies
  • Stormy Monda : Hello

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